SD-WAN Services

What is SD-WAN?

Is it a good fit for your business?


SD-WAN (Software-defined wide area network) also simply referred to as SDN (Software-defined network) is a modern technology that simplifies the operation and management of a WAN by automatically determining the best and most effective way of routing traffic to remote sites and data centers. SD-WAN increases network agility while maximizing cost reduction.


If you are on the fence, here are five major points you should consider. SD-WAN:

  • Replaces high-cost MPLS/private bandwidth with low cost internet connections
  • Responds in real-time to network performance and route around issues
  • Is easy to deploy and maintain
  • Is comparable to MPLS-like performance of real-time and important applications (QOS)
  • Provides performance visibility and network monitoring


SD WAN provides prioritization and is customizable to the types of traffic that need to take precedence in your environment, and SD-WAN is a cost-effective option.


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