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Allow CTS to sit in on contract negotiations or review upcoming or proposed IT projects with vendors to provide you with a Free non-biased consultation.

“A Telecom Audit will reduce your costs 15% to 35% without switching services providers.” Network World.

Why an Outsourced Audit?

  • “Telecom Services account for one of the five (5) largest expenses for most Companies and are among the most difficult to manage.” Gartner Group 2011.
  • Aberdeen Group [2010] has found that on average, 15% to 20% of telecom service expenses are in error.
  • One dollar in costs savings is equal to $7 to $15+ in sales.  With a P/E ratio of 20/1, $1 in cost savings adds $20 value to the company. Ernst & Young 2011.
  • “80% of business telecom invoices have billing errors.” Gartner Group 2012.

Carriers and Tech Partners: