About Us

Communicare Technology Solutions is a global technology advisory corporation committed to determining the optimal individual technology needs of businesses, corporations, municipalities, and government agencies, including nonprofits. We are committed to providing our clients with the best and most comprehensive, cost-effective technology solutions in the Cloud, IT, and telecommunications industries. CTS has 25+ years’ experience, representing over 450 global providers, carriers, and vendors within the technology industry. The need to create and establish an independent global brokerage and advisory firm for our clients has become increasingly important and is at the forefront of our mission. The freedom to evaluate major Cloud, IT vendors and carriers for comprehensive product availability and competitive pricing at absolutely no cost to clients is the cornerstone of CTS. All fees are paid by the Cloud, IT vendors and carriers, and clients will never pay more for services than they would if they contracted directly with the individual Cloud, IT vendors and carriers. CTS pledges unwavering loyalty and non-biased recommendations to each client.

Communicare Technology Solutions is committed to providing an unprecedented level of excellence, including commitment, availability, responsiveness, knowledge of the ever-changing technology industry and, most importantly, unwavering customer service and loyal support. CTS is committed to making your business or organization successful by providing the right comprehensive solutions at the very best pricing in the industry. Our very valued clients deserve the consistency, flexibility, creativity, and dependability of a responsive and dedicated service-oriented company. CTS is your loyal partner who sits on the same side of the table with our clints, not the vendors, ensuring your cloud, IT, and telecommunications needs are met and serviced with proficiency and excellence that will exceed your expectations.


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